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Pentax 645z Medium Format Camera Scored 101 at DxOMark

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Pentax 645z medium-format digital SLR camera is now on the top of the DxOMark camera list with the highest score of 101.

Pentax 645z is a 51.4 megapixel cold-resistant, dustproof and weather-resistant Medium Format camera with a price tag for $8,499 scored 101 marks which is more than any other mirrorless, DSLR and compacts cameras available in the market.

The Pentax 645Z camera features an articulated 3.2-inch LCD, top ISO of 204,800, 3 fps continuous shooting, and 1080/60i video. See the announcement and sample images for the medium format camera.


The Highest 101 Score at DxOMark: Pentax 645Z Camera


From DxOMark :

The new RX1R II achieved an excellent DxOMark score of 97 points, with individual scores of 25.8 bits for color sensitivity, a wide 13.9 EVs dynamic range at base ISO (albeit slightly lower at base than the best tested), and a very good low-light ISO score of 3204 ISO. In terms of rankings, only the Pentax 645Z with its physically larger 43.8 x 32.8mm CMOS sensor (nearly 1.7x the surface area of a full-frame 35mm sensor) is ahead by just over a half-stop in noise levels.