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Pentax 645Z Sample Images

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Pentax 645z medium format camera announced with a new 51.4 megapixel CMOS sensor. First Pentax 645Z sample images are now available online and can be seen below.

The Pentax 645Z camera features an articulated 3.2-inch LCD, top ISO of 204,800, 3 fps continuous shooting, and 1080/60i video.

The Medium Format camera is cold-resistant, dustproof and weather-resistant with 76 weather-seals. The Pentax 645Z will be available in June with a price tag for $8499.

Pentax 645Z Sample Images

ISO 400, 1/400sec, 55mm, f/8

Pentax 645Z Sample Images

Here are some Pentax 645Z sample images taken at different ISO levels.

Pentax 645Z Sample Image 2

ISO 200, 1/200sec, 160mm, f/20

Pentax 645Z Sample Image 3

ISO 600, 1/60sec, 25mm, f/11

Pentax 645Z Sample Images 1

ISO 1600, 1/400sec, f/8