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Sony A7r Successor Coming Soon

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More rumors surfaced for the Sony A7r successor camera which will most likely be called the Sony A7RII.

The rumor mill already in talks of a high-resolution mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor referred as the Mark II version of the current A7r.

According to latest Sony Rumors the A7RII full-frame mirrorless camera to be announced soon. The Sony A7R replacement FE-mount mirrorless camera said to feature a 50-megapixel image sensor.

Sony A7RII Coming with 50-Megapixel Sensor


We have to underline that the name of the camera still not clear if the Sony A7R successor camera is the A7RII or the rumored Sony A9 or not.

The question is, if the Sony A7RII becomes real in the coming weeks and feature 50-megapixel image sensor. Where will be the rumored Sony A9 have a position in the lineup. On the other hand this A7RII could follow the steps of A7II and also feature 5-axis in-body stabilization too. We’ll see!

Even the A7RII could refer the flagship A9 camera, there could also be two models expected to be announced. Remember the Sony big-megapixel sensor (46-megapixel and 54-megapixel) rumors in the past.

At the moment we only know Sony is rumored to announce a successor to the A7R mirrorless camera with 50-megapixel sensor and the launch date expected to be set for CP+ 2015 or Spring.

via SonyAlphaRumors