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Metabones Announced New PL to Sony E and MFT Mount Adapters

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Metabones has announced a new PL mount adapters which allows users to attach PL lenses to Sony E-mount and Micro Four Thirds cameras.

The new Metabones PL to E-mount adapter has been tested with multiple Sony E-mount camera models, including the A7, NEX-7, NEX-6, NEX-5, and NEX-3 series and camcorder models the FS100, VG900, and VG-30.

The new Metabones adapters is aimed at 35mm PL optics and priced for $369 at the company’s website. The Micro Four Thirds version of the Metabones PL-mount adapter will have the same price tag and will be released in the near future.

Metabones PL-mount adapter to Sony E and MFT cameras


Key Features

  • Attach 35mm PL Prime Lens to Sony E-mount or Micro Four Thirds cameras/camcorders
  • The tripod foot is detachable and compatible with Metabones Mount-Rod Support Kit (also compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins, and Photo Clam ball heads).
  • Compatible with Micro Four Thirds cameras/camcorders. e.g. GH4, BMCC, BMPCC, etc…

See more at Metabones website for “MB-PL-E-BM1” adapter for Sony E-mount and “MB-PL-m43-BM1” adapter for MFT cameras.