Sony 54MP Camera With non-Bayer sensor coming in 2015

Sony is rumored to be developing a new 54 megapixel camera with full frame sensor. Recent rumors shows that Sony’s 54MP camera will be powered by a non-Bayer image sensor and coming in 2015.

Previously we have covered the first rumors for the Sony is developing a 54 Megapixel sensor with on-sensor Phase Detection Autofocus technology. Even it is very expensive to manufacture this kind of sensor, Sony will manage to lower the production costs of the 54 megapixel sensor.

Sony 54MP Camera With non-Bayer sensor coming in 2015


First specs also leaked for the Sony’s 54-megapixel full frame camera with non-Bayer sensor.  The new full frame sensor will have 2460 focusing points and the focusing area covers 78% of the entire sensor.

Sony’s future plans also includes to keep using 24MP and 36MP full frame sensor on the new A and E-mount cameras that will be announced in 2014 and early 2015.

via SAR

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