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New Sony DSLR-like E-mount Camera to be Named “ILC-3000”

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Sony is working on a new E-mount camera with a classic DSLR design. The new Sony camera expected to be an entry level E-mount that is rumored to compete against the Canon REBEL series cameras.

The camera project is called “Project Alpha Fox”. According to trusted sources new Sony DSLR-like E-mount camera will be Named “ILC-3000“. Also the new camera will not be in the market with “NEX” branding.


New Sony DSLR-like E-mount Camera to be Named “ILC-3000”

Sony plans to release more cameras without the “NEX” definition. There is no camera features and specs for the rumored DSLR-like E-mount camera but the expectation is similar specs from Canon REBEL series series cameras especially newly announced Canon REBEL SL1 with the same price.

Sony NEX-5T camera rumored to be announced soon on August 13-14, 2o13. There is no confirmation yet but may be this ILC-3000 camera and the 55-150mm f/2.8 lens also to be announced that day.

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