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Sigma DP3 Merrill Digital Camera Review

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Sigma has announced the DP3 Merrill digital camera in early 2013 at CES show. Photographer Ming Thein has posted a full review of the Sigma DP3Merrill digital compact camera. The review includes sample photos and images from the camera.

Sigma DP3Merrill compact camera features a 50mm F2.8 lens and a 46 megapixel 15x3MP APS-C Foveon X3 sensor. The Sigma DP3 Merrill’s high-performance 50mm F2.8 lens has the equivalent angle of view as 75mm on a 35mm lens.

The Sigma DP3 Merrill camera price is $999 at Amazon.


Sigma DP3 Merrill Digital Camera Review

From Ming Thein review:

this camera challenges the very best of the 35mm full frame DSLRs on image quality; it’s probably better than the previous generation of medium format digital backs, too. And it still beats the current ones on high ISO performance. If you have to have the ultimate image quality in as small a package as possible, there’s no other option – and I think the compromises simply aren’t that much of an issue when compared to the alternatives. I might actually pick up one for myself…MT

Sigma DP3 Merrill Camera Specs

  • 46MP Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor
  • Dual TRUE II Image Processing Engine
  • 50mm f/2.8 Prime Lens
  • 75mm Focal Length in 35mm Format
  • 3.0″ High Resolution TFT Color LCD
  • Movie Mode
  • Advanced User Interface
  • Auto and Ring-controlled Manual Focus
  • RAW + JPEG Format Recording
  • 4 Frames Per Second in RAW Format