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Canon EOS M Replacement Coming Soon, Listed Discontinued

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Adorama currently has listed the two different Canon EOS M mirrorless digital camera kits with 18-55mm and 22mm f/2.0 lenses as “no longer available“.  When you search for EOS M in Adorama you will land on discontinued items page.

A few days ago Amazon sold the mirrorless camera Canon EOS M kit with EF-M 22mm f/2 STM lens for $299 and now Amazon has no more cameras left in stock . Also the Canon EOS M became the most sold mirrorless camera at Amazon US.

Canon EOS M replacement rumored to be announced soon and the rumor mill says two versions of the new EOS M are being tested and one of them may feature EOs 100D / SL1′s sensor. The second camera being tested expected to be a high-end product with better specifications.

See Canon EOS M II Rumored Specs here.

New Canon EOS M Camera Announcement in Late Summer


There would also be more lenses to be announced soon for the EOS M cameras. These lenses expected to be a few STM lenses, including a fast prime and telephoto glass.