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New Ricoh GXR Camera Coming Soon

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Ricoh is rumored to be working on a new camera. According to rumors from Asia, a new Ricoh GXR camera is coming soon.

Ricoh‘s GXR mirrorless Camera System virtually makes dust worries obsolete, because the lens is never detached from the camera. Instead, a Camera Unit slides into the GXR Body, the foundation of the system.

Currently the body only Ricoh GXR camera is no longer available and the Ricoh GXR camera body kit with A16 24-85mm f/3.5-5.5 module is also listed as discontinued.

New Ricoh GXR Camera Coming Soon


Only available modules for Ricoh GXR camera is GXR camera + P10 and S10 lens module kits. They are also now discounted to $350. There is no specs rumored for the new Ricoh GXR camera and no images leaked.

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