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Canon EOS M Successor : Canon EOS M II Specs

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Rumors about the Canon’s next mirrorless camera start to show up. Canon EOS M successor, the next EOS M camera some specs are rumored from CR.  Sales are quite weak for the current EOS M and a lot of people haven’t choose this camera as a mirrorless one. The next EOS M will have an improved specs and more lenses in the system.


Here are some specs rumors on the successor of current Canon EOS M.

Canon EOS M II Rumored Specifications

  • 24mp APS-C Sensor
  • New generation AF system
  • Removable Electronic Viewfinder (Very high resolution)
  • Optional grip attachment
  • 5fps
  • Slightly larger than the current EOS M
  • Introduced with 3 more lenses
  • $999 USD

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