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Canon 75+ MP DSLR Camera More Rumors Coming

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Canon is rumored to be working on a professional DSLR camera with 75+ MP sensor. A big megapixel pro DSLR camera with 75+ MP sensor from Canon now have rumored from several sources.

According to CR, There is a big megapixel Canon 75+ MP camera is in testin and definitely in the wild. But they can’t confirm if this camera will be a consumer product.

Previously rumored Canon 75+ MP camera being tested is featured to come with a Non Bayer Multilevel Sensor. Patent for this sensor technology appeared back in May of 2013. CR has posted some details and specs for the Canon 75+ MP DSLR Camera.


Canon 75+ MP DSLR Camera Details

  • EOS-1 Body
  • Larger than 3.2″ LCD screen
  • very high frame rate
  • various sensors in testing for the camera

A big megapixel pro DSLR camera with 75+ MP sensor, design like Canon EOS-1D X to feature a new processor and to be announced in 2014. This camera also rumored to be called as Canon 1D Xs (or 1Ds X).