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Sigma Released Firmware Updates for DP Merrill Cameras

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Sigma has released firmware updates for the DP Merrill cameras. New firmware update for Sigma DP1 Merrill, DP2 Merrill, and DP3 Merrill cameras fix several bugs that have been affecting the users for a long time.

Sigma DP3 Merrill firmware update 1.02 has been released for download and the other firmware versions are V 1.05 for DP2 Merrill and version 1.04 for DP1 Merrill.

Below are the firmware update details for the Sigma DP Merrill cameras officially announced today.


SIGMA DP1 Merrill, SIGMA DP2 Merrill and SIGMA DP3 Merrill Firmware Download

  • SIGMA DP1 Merrill firmware [Ver.1.04]
  • SIGMA DP2 Merrill firmware [Ver.1.05]
  • SIGMA DP3 Merrill firmware [Ver.1.02]
  1. improved stability
  2. improved flash bounce precision when taking photos using EF-610 DG and EF-610DG ST flashes;
  3. enlarging an image will augment on the focused area, not on the center of the photo like before;
  4. users can now select file names from SDIM or DP1M / DP2M / DP3M (depending on camera);
  5. color tones now include custom white balances like: Flash, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Overcast, Shade, and Sunlight;
  6. AEL no longer goes back to its default setting when using Central AEL + AEL and alternating between AF / MF;
  7. using self-timer in P mode no longer cancels custom aperture and shutter speed if the photographer presses the shutter button;
  8. photos are displayed in concordance with the desired magnification;
  9. exposure compensation is applied correctly even when using external flash;
  10. low battery levels will not affect image quality;
  11. turning off the camera immediately after taking a shot will not cause any image data loss;
  12. Image Info Screen now displays the file size.