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Leica Monochrome Firmware Update 1.002 Released

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Leica has posted a firmware update for the Leica Monochrome rangefinder camera. Firmware update version 1.002 fixes and improves some changes detailed below.

Leica M Monochrome rangefinder 35mm black and white digital camera features 18MP Monochrome CCD sensor, 2.5″ TFT LCD display with a maximum ISO sensitivity of 10000.


Leica M Monochrome Firmware Update 1.002

The firmware update Ver.1.002 incorporates the following issues:

  • Bugfix to improve stability in “Discreet”-Mode
  • Linguistic improvements in French, Italian
  • Improved stability when the camera is connected to USB

You can download the firmware update from the website below.

Leica M Monochrome Firmware Update Version 1.002