Nikon D400 Announcement in September 2013 with Expeed 4 and new AF System

Nikon D400 DSLR camera rumored to be announced in this fall, September 2013. The upcoming DSLR camera expected to deliver a large buffer to process the images captured with newly developed 24MP sensor.

After the announcement of Nikon D7100 camera, Nikon Europe confirmed that D7100 is not positioned to replace the D300s as Nikon’s flagship DX-format camera. So from that moment Nikon D400 rumors surfaced again and the successor of D300s expected to be announced this September.

Nikon engineers have been working on a new generation EXPEED 4 processor for the D400 to handle the buffer size. This also makes movie features and video recording capability of D400 up to 60p in HD.

Nikon is also working on a better and more advanced AF system for the D400, other than the 51-point AF system used on the current D7100. This new AF system is also going to be used  on the Nikon D4s, which is in the works and scheduled to be announced sometime in 2014.


Below are the rumored specs of the upcoming Nikon D400 DSLR camera.

Nikon D400 Rumored Specs

  • 24MP DX-format CMOS sensor
  • Expeed 4 image processor
  • New AF system (better than D7100 and will be used on Nikon D4s)
  • Up to 1/8000 sec and 8fps or 9 fps shutter speed
  • ISO sensitivity 100-6,400
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • 91,000 pixel RGB sensor (from D800)
  • Same controls as on the D800
  • Large buffer size (better than D7100)
  • Advanced video recording capability (up to 60p in HD mode)
  • No AA filter
  • Full magnesium alloy body

Nikon D400 body only price expected to be $1700 or $1800 in the camera market. Stay tuned for more news and rumors for the upcoming Nikon DSLR camera.

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  • Wow, exciting days ahead. D400, D4s, new focus systems, new processors. Great news!

  • Ghaz

    I hope this news is a relief to any of those d300s owners. I have been waiting for three years for this upgrade. D300s is undeniably a great camera but upgrade is a must especially for noise reduction. People up there should know that Nikon dx owners always want a new”Dx flagship camera” with an ability to shoot better in low light situation. I know it’s sound strange to say but I hope if there’s d400 don’t ever make it more than 24mp per memory. d800 is crazy for memory and post production. I strongly believe Nikonians want quality and not bigger size for memory. I bought a d600 recently but I do like d700 better in term of quality and i hope d400 can make me happy of dx camera.

  • Thomas D. Sicilia

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