Pentax K-3 24MP Full Frame DSLR Camera Announcement on March 27th?

Rumors were about Pentax is going to announce a 24 megapixel full frame dslr camera soon. Now according to PR, new rumors tells that the full frame Pentax DSLR camera is going to be Pentax K-3. Pentax K-3 24MP Full Frame DSLR Camera Announcement expected on March 27th.

Pentax K-3 will be featured with a 24MP full frame sensor.


Mike Svitek who has posted this on hig g+ account:

“Testing out the new Pentax K-# HDSLR  [  WINK WINK… NUDGE NUDGE ]  with the Pentax 77mm Limited Prime lens … 1/500s f/11 ISO25600 Custom WB

I love the tones, the dynamic range is amazing, and the resolution (while being too high for my taste) has its advantages when clearing up some noise. With the combo of the new sensor and processor, there is very little noise to clean up in the first place. It only starts showing up visibly at around ISO6400 (becoming obvious here at 25,600 and pretty bad at the extended range of 102,400) … As I already stated, this camera sits between its competitors with the D800 and the D4 or the 5D Mrk.3 and the 1DX .”

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