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Lomography’s New LomoChrome Purple 400

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Lomography’s new LomoChrome Purple 400 is a speciality film that transforms “every green element of your photo into radiant purples. Available in 120 and 135 formats.


Lomography Press Release

LomoChrome Purple 400

Our New Version of the Kodak Aerochrome Film

· PURPLE IS THE NEW GREEN: Lomography’s LomoChrome Purple 400 is a 35mm and 120 format Color Negative film that revives the Kodak Aerochrome look!
· PURPLE EDEN: 400 ISO Color Heaven. Easy to use and compatible with common analogue cameras!
· FILMS CONTINUED: More variety and great surprises are still to come this year!


Enough green talk! We’ve got a purple patch to share with you! You’ve dreamed about it, our community has pled for it and we have listened to your wishes… so roll out the red carpet for Lomography’s striking innovation: the LomoChrome Purple 400 film! This unique color negative film will astound you by transforming every green element of your photo into radiant purples. A revival of the psychedelic infrared look from the discontinued Kodak Aerochrome film we all love. To know more about this unique look, check out our online magazine article.

The first film rolls will be available in July and you can pre-order them now on lomography.com!


The Lomography LomoChrome Purple 400 will transform the lushest green countryside into a flaming magenta fantasy world! As if this wasn’t good enough, this film innovation is a ISO 400 Color Negative film, so it’s incredibly easy to use and to get developed in C-41. The film will be available in 35mm and 120 formats, ready to use for any analogue camera. Unlike infrared films that required a complicated use of filters and ideal sunny light to achieve the effect, this new film allows you to shoot in any weather conditions!


In Lomography’s mission is to keep film photography alive, we want to provide you with very exciting and qualitative film innovations! Last year we celebrated the glorious return of 110 film with the Black and White Orca 110, Color Tiger 110, Redscale Lobster 110, Slide Peacock 110 and launched some daring new 35mm films such as the 35mm Sunset Strip. We will continue spoiling you with our diverse and high quality film assortment and offer you more exciting film innovations. So no matter if you are more into Color Negative, Slide, Black and White or if you love them all, we’re guaranteed to have a great film selection to offer you. Film forever!


35mm £8.90 per roll
120 £9.90 per roll


  • Color Negative
  • C-41 Processing
  • 400 ISO
  • 35mm and 120 formats

What the Hell is Lomography?

The Lomographic Society International is a globally-active organization dedicated to experimental and creative snapshot photography. Boasting over a half-million members across the world, the concept of Lomography encompasses an interactive, vivid, blurred and crazy way of life. Through our constantly expanding selection of innovative cameras & photographic accessories, we promote analogue photography as a creative approach to communicate, absorb, and capture the world. Lomography Gallery Stores all over the world provide our products and a place for exhibitions, workshops, meet-ups and all Lomographic needs. Through the efforts and skill of our Lomographic Society members, we seek to document the incredible planet around us in a never-ending stream of snapshots – literally a global “Lomographic” portrait as seen through the eyes of countless individuals and cultures.