Sigma Patent for 35mm f/2 DN OS Art lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras

Sigma has filed a new patent in Japan. The new patent refers to a brighter 35mm f/2 DN OS Art prime lens lens designed for Micro Four Thirds cameras.

A bright prime such as Sigma 35mm f/2 DN OS Art will be great for users of Micro Four Thirds system. However we have to underline that this is only the patent application, so don’t expect the product become available on the market in the near future.

According to the patent details the lens comes with nine elements in eight groups. It has inner focusing mechanism and DN designation means it is developed for mirrorless cameras. Comes with optical stabilization and the total length of the lens is only 5,77 cm.

Sigma 35mm f/2 DN OS Art Lens Patent


Explanation and self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-102559
    • Published 2015.6.4
    • Filing date 2013.11.21
  • Example 1
    • Focal length f = 36.00mm
    • Fno. 1.95
    • Full field angle 2ω = 33.92 °
    • Image height Y = 10.82mm
    • Overall length of the lens 57.69mm
    • Lens configuration 8 groups nine
    • Seishibo negative-positive
    • Anti-vibration (part of the first group)
    • Inner focus (the second group)

via Egami

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