Leica T Type 701 Camera Coming Soon

Leica has registered a new camera at Taiwan National Communications Commission (NCC). The new camera will be called as Leica T (Type 701) and to be announced soon.

Leica T Type 701 camera announcement expected soon but there is not much details except the registration but the new Leica T Type 701 is rumored to be a super-zoom compact camera. The upcoming Leica T Type 701 is expected to based on a Panasonic model or direct replacement to a V-Lux 4 camera.

Leica T Type 701 Camera Coming Soon


There is no Leica T series camera announced before, current series name tags are “M” “X” “V” “D” and “C”. The “T” in the name may be for Tele? Stay tuned.

via Digicame-info