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How Cameras and Modern Tech Could Change Casinos Forever

Failure to adopt technology these days is a sure-fire way to be left behind when it comes to business. When you think of traditional casinos you might have a slightly antiquated image; smoky gaming rooms, card games, roulette, craps. However, the casino industry is an avid adopter of technology.

Traditional and online casinos use technology and cameras in different ways but they are used widely, to improve the user experience and to increase security for the casino and the players.

Many traditional casinos are combined with resorts and hotels, and it is here that technology is used in novel ways to make the guest’s stay as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. 

How are cameras used in casinos?

Obviously, there is a wide range of cameras in the world to suit many purposes. While companies such as Sony are developing products capable of shooting in 8K, other firms are making cameras suitable for reading people’s faces.

Cameras in traditional casinos are used mainly for security but also for facial recognition too.

Anyone familiar with gamine rooms or even Hollywood movies such as 21, or Casino, will no doubt also be familiar with the eye-in-the-sky. This is the name given to those ceiling-mounted cameras that watch the poker tables, the dealers, the players, and are there to help security spot cheaters and criminal activity.

Outside the casino, there will be cameras recording license plates for every vehicle entering the parking lot. When a player is barred from the casino for whatever reason, their license plate will be recorded along with their photo, name, and other details. These cameras ‘read’ license plates and software checks the image against records of unwanted players. 

Facial recognition in casinos

This is an area that is gaining a lot of controversy at the moment. Amazon has developed strong facial recognition software which the police in the US are trying to utilize. The problem being that while facial recognition is here there are no laws set yet leaving a huge area for debate when it comes to rights to privacy.

While it has great use for security and is used at many land borders and airports around the world, casinos are using it for more than just security purposes.

Imagine entering a casino and sitting down at your favorite slot machine. The machine lights up and displays ‘Welcome back Bob’ on the screen and pulls up some other stats such as your loyalty card to let you know how many points you have built up.

This is what is now beginning to happen with certain gaming machines and adds an element of interaction and a personal touch to the game. The question is, will players welcome this intrusion or will they demand their details are removed from the system? 

Blockchain tech in online casinos

Many people enjoy playing casino igre or games such as slots and poker, but for some, online casinos are seen as untrustworthy. There is no truth that online casinos are nothing but honest as they all have to be licensed and regulated, however, due to the use of random number generators and the way games are displayed, some people still don’t like them. 

Blockchain technology could change that. Decentralized online casinos would offer a new level of transparency that couldn’t be doubted by players. Decentralized applications or dApps use blockchain technology to provide a transparent and secure way to transfer data. Players would place their bet and in return, they would get to view the ledger which would hold all details of the bet.

Blockchain allows the player to receive winnings instantly, play anonymously, stay secure online, and with little, or no, transaction fees. 

Live streaming of esports and casinos

One area that might be seen a lot more in the future is the streaming of games. There is some camera and other technology behind online casino streaming that allows viewers at home to watch games unfolding live. YouTube and Twitch channels show players at poker tables, roulette wheels, and even on slot machines. 

Esports is another area that is becoming big and traditional casinos are investing in building arenas for these events. This allows individuals to gamble on the outcomes of video game tournaments, and viewers at home to watch the results. The first Fortnite World Cup attracted 2 million live viewers. 

Virtual games in online casinos

No cameras are involved here as such, but advances in technology and AI have allowed online casinos to offer a multitude of virtual games.

Anyone interested in sports betting will lament the end of the football season and the wait for the next one. With virtual sports, they don’t need to wait. There are now virtual football, basketball, MMA, horses, and tennis games to bet on, to name but a few.

Virtual casinos are also being developed so that users can not only play their favorite games at home but they can also roam around a three-dimensional gaming room while doing so.

RFID technology

Radio-frequency identification, or RFID, is being used in a variety of environments today. Retail stores use it to track stock levels and reduce theft. In casinos, it is used to improve security and reduce the chances of chips being stolen. RFID allows the casino to know how many chips are on the floor at any one time and exactly where they are.

It is also used to see when slot machines are full, and the keys to the machine can be tracked to make sure none of them are missing. By using RFID with casino namizne igre the house can protect itself and also the player’s chips and security. 


Casinos are using cameras in live dealer environments to increase trust and improve the online experience. They use them to improve security, and they use them to stream games. Combined with other technology, cameras can give an individual a better user experience and provide a safe environment for playing in.

As cameras and other technology advance, it will be interesting to see how casinos adopt and use them in the future. For now, you will have to be content with slot machines greeting you with your name as you sit down.