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Fujifilm X100V Successor to be Announced in early 2024?

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The first rumors began to appear for the Fujifilm X100V Successor. Accordingly, if there is to be an X100V replacement, we can most likely expect an announcement by Fuji in early 2024.

The first rumors about the Fujifilm X100V successor do not have details of what its name will be or the list of features. From a name point of view, we will see together how Fuji will continue the series. It could be the Fujifilm X100V Mark II, the X100V R (in terms of resolution if 40MP comes in) or the X100VH and X100VX. Fujifilm could also decide to go for Fujifilm X200 and then start all over again with the same naming scheme used for the X100 line.

Whatever the name, when it comes to the technical specifications for the Fujifilm X100V successor, there are many features that are desired or expected to be added to the X100V. Some of these are:

Fujifilm X100V Successor Expectations

  • IBIS
  • Internal built-in memory (128GB) instead of a flash card
  • New menu system
  • True mechanical manual focus mode
  • Large battery
  • True monochrome mode

Feel free to add yours in the comments.

The compact and good-looking X100V takes things a step further. Fujifilm X100V comes with a new 23mm f/2 lens uses the latest 26mp BSI CMOS sensor on the Fujifilm X-Pro3 and Fujifilm X-T3 interchangeable lens cameras, 4K video recording, updated Hybrid OVF/EVF, and a tilting touch-screen. It also becomes weather-sealed when using the optional adapter ring and a protection lens.

This is all for Fujifilm X100V Successor Coming Early 2024. Stay tuned for more information.

Fujifilm X100Vprice is $1399, or $1799 CAD. Check availability at B&H Photo / Amazon / AdoramaFujifilm X100V vs X100F vs X100T vs X100S vs X100 Comparison

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