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DJI Mini 3 Officially Announced

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DJI officially announced the new DJI Mini 3 drone. The US price is $549 and it is now in stock at major US stores: AmazonB&HAdorama.

Mini 3 is the non-pro version of the Mini 3 Pro released last May, and positions itself to be an even more affordable point of entry into drone photography. s it worth upgrading from a Mini 2 if you have one already? Or would you be better off looking at the Mini 3 Pro? Check out the comparison below to find out!

DJI Mini 3 with DJI RC Remote (Fly More Combo): $858 at AmazonB&HAdorama

DJI Mini 3 with DJI RC Remote: $699 at B&HAdorama.

DJI Mini 3 with RC-N1 Remote: $559 at B&HAdorama.

DJI Mini 3 with RC-N1 Remote (Fly More Combo): $718 at B&HAdorama.


Comparison of DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro vs Mini 2

The Mini 3’s design is almost identical to that of the Mini 3 Pro. The gimbal and camera are practically the same. They can rotate to capture social-media-friendly vertical video as well. DJI also says the camera’s 4-in-1 pixel technology (known elsewhere in the imaging world as Quad Bayer) creates 12MP images with 2.4μm effective photosites compared to the 1.2μm in the Mini 3 Pro’s sensor when it output 48MP images.

Mini 3 Mini 3 Pro Mini 2
Price $409 (without remote)
$499 (with RC-N1 remote)

$639 (with DJI RC remote)

$658 (RC-N1 Fly More combo)

$798 (DJI RC Fly More combo)

$669 (without remote)

$759 (with RC-N1 remote)

$909 (with DJI RC Remote)

Fly More Kit an additional $189

$449 Regular

$549 Fly More Combo

Camera 12MP, Type 1/1.3 48MP, Type 1/1.3 12MP, Type 1/2.3
Digital Zoom 4K: 2x, 2.7K: 3x, 1080p: 4x 4K: 2x, 2.7K: 3x, 1080p: 4x 4K: 2x, 2.7K:3x, 1080p: 4x
Video Profile Normal Normal, D-Cinelike Normal
Video resolution 4K/30p 4K/60p 4K/30p
Video bit-rate 100 Mbps/H.264 150 Mbps/H.264 and H.265 100 Mbps/H.264
Video tranmission DJI O2, 720p/30p, 10km DJI O3, 1080p/30p, 12km DJI O2, 720p/30p, 10km
APAS None APAS 4.0 for Spotlight and ActiveTrack None
Obstacle avoidance sensors Downward Vision Positioning Forward, Backward, Downward Downward Vision Positioning
Flight time 38 minutes/51 minutes* 34 minutes/47 minutes* 31 minutes
Core Intelligent Functions QuickShots APAS 4.0 Hyperlapse Spotlight 2.0
Point of Interest 3.0 ActiveTrack 4.0 MasterShots


Dimensions 148x90x62 mm 145x90x62 mm 138x81x58 mm
Weight 249g** 249g** 249g

* Longer duration requires heavier 28.4 Wh ‘Flight Battery Plus,’ not available in all countries
** 249g weight when using standard 18.1Wh ‘Intelligent Flight Battery.’

Key Features

  • Up 4K30 Video & 12MP Stills
  • Includes RC-N1 Remote Controller
  • Rotating Gimbal for Vertical Shooting
  • Up to 38 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Up to 6.2-Mile Range with OcuSync
  • 8.8 oz Lightweight & Foldable Design
  • Withstands up to 24 mph Winds
  • Up to 36 mph Flight Speed
  • Intelligent Flight & Panorama Modes
  • Automatic Takeoff/Hover & Return to Home

Press Release:

DJI Mini 3 is the Sub-249g Drone for Everyone, Anywhere

DJI Mini 3 Is The Sub-249g Drone For Everyone, Anywhere

A New Addition To The Expanding DJI Mini Lineup, DJI Mini 3 Fits Into Any Adventure

December 9, 2022 – DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and creative camera technology, today introduces DJI Mini 3, a compact, ultra-lightweight camera drone that is ready for adventure. At less than 249 grams, Mini 3 is portable to take anywhere and is exempt from most drone regulations in several parts of the world. Its 1/1.3-inch camera sensor films 4K HDR video and 12MP photos with True Vertical Shooting for incredible social media content clarity. With these features and more, DJI Mini 3 lets users capture any moment, so fly.

“DJI Mini 3 arrives as a welcome addition to our growing compact drone lineup,” said Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director at DJI. “It follows in the footsteps of its sibling, Mini 3 Pro, and offers many of the same high-performance features as a worthy alternative option. We created Mini 3 to invite even more new users to take off for the first time, and we can’t wait to see the moments they create with it.”

Lightweight and Portable for Unlimited Takeoff

As the latest of the DJI Mini series, Mini 3 was specifically designed to weigh under 249 grams.[1] This compact design makes DJI Mini 3 easy to take in your bag or pocket for your next adventure. It also satisfies drone regulations in many parts of the world, where sub-250g drones allow users to fly within regional compliance, no registration or exam required.

Vivid, Vertical Detail

DJI Mini 3 records in dazzling 4K/30fps in HDR with true-to-life colors, both day and night.[2] A 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor and f/1.7 aperture allow greater image resolution, sharper depth of field, and lower image noise in even low lighting and high contrast, generating cleaner images. 4-in-1 pixel technology can create photos from 48MP to 12MP in size and individual pixels as large as 2.4 μm to improve low-light performance. Dual native ISO and chip-level HDR technology helps create incredibly clear images in little time, resulting in excellent results, even in images with high dynamic range such as large shadows. This excellent image quality means even more incredible results with True Vertical Shooting, rotating the camera 90 degrees to create content that is perfect for social media platforms.

Fly Longer, Smoother, Further

DJI Mini 3 comes with the standard Intelligent Flight Battery to provide a max flight time of up to 38 minutes. Extend your flights by up to 51 minutes with the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus.[3]  DJI O2 digital video transmission delivers a 720p/30fps live feed from up to 10 km away while using powerful anti-interference technology to deliver a reliable connection throughout the flight.[4] With a wind resistance at up to 10.7 m/s, Mini 3 can hover steady and keep a stable image in various conditions.

Cinematic Shots in a Tap

DJI Mini 3 makes content creation a breeze with QuickShots, a suite of pre-programmed flight and filming paths to let anyone make beautiful footage in both landscape and vertical shooting. These include:

  • Dronie: Aircraft flies back and up with the camera locked on the subject.
  • Helix: Aircraft flies up and spirals around the subject.
  • Rocket: Aircraft flies up with the camera facing down.
  • Circle: Aircraft circles around the subject.
  • Boomerang: Aircraft flies around the subject in an oval path, ascending as it flies away and descending as it returns.

Effortlessly Adept

Flying is easier than you think, and DJI Mini 3 supports a bunch of intelligent functions to help you get started right away. Auto Takeoff helps you start your flight journey. The Return to Home (RTH) function includes Smart RTH, Low Battery RTH, and Failsafe RTH, instructing the aircraft to automatically return to its starting point in situations like a dropped signal or low battery. Mini 3 also combines GNSS with the downward vision system and the infrared sensing system to hover stably and accurately, so you can fly confidently.

Accessories to Boost Your Flight

To get the most out of every flight, DJI Mini 3 arrives with several accessories:[5]

  • DJI RC is a lightweight and easy-to-use remote controller with a built-in screen. Thanks to the built-in DJI Fly app, it is ready to use without the need to connect to a smartphone, making takeoff more focused and aerial photography more enjoyable.
  • Intelligent Flight Battery ensures a smooth and worry-free flight for up to 38 minutes.
  • Intelligent Flight Battery Plus supports a max flight time of 51 minutes.
  • Two-Way Charging Hub charges the remote controller and three batteries in sequence, serves as a mobile power source, and stores batteries for convenient carrying.
  • ND Filters Set adapts the Mini 3 camera to strong lighting conditions with ND16/64/256 filters to always be ready for the perfect shot.
  • 360° Propeller Guard fully covers the propellers and is easy to attach and detach, ensuring flight safety in a simple and efficient way.
  • Propeller Holder binds the front and back propellers when the aircraft is folded for more convenient storage

Additional Features

  • 180°, Wide, and Sphere panorama, with Sphere Panorama Viewer 2.0 in the DJI Fly app offering a 720° view to drag and zoom a Sphere panorama.
  • QuickTransfer with max download speed of 25 MB/s
  • Supports large-angle tilt to introduce more creative possibilities.
  • Digital zoom at 2x in 4K/30fps, 4x in 1080p, and 2x in 12MP photo

Price and Availability

DJI Mini 3 is available for purchase from store.dji.com and authorized retail partners in seven configurations:

  • DJI Mini 3 (Drone Only) does not include a remote controller or charger, and is ideal for owners of existing DJI drones. It is available today for the retail price of USD $469.
  • DJI Mini 3 includes the DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller. It is available today for the retail price of USD $559.
  • DJI Mini 3 (DJI RC) includes the DJI RC Remote Controller. It is available today for the retail price of USD $699.
  • DJI Mini 3 Fly More Combo includes the DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller, Shoulder Bag, Two-Way Charging Hub, and two extra Intelligent Flight Batteries. It is available today for the retail price of USD $718.
  • DJI Mini 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC) includes the DJI RC Remote Controller, Shoulder Bag, Two-Way Charging Hub, and two extra Intelligent Flight Batteries. It is available today for the retail price of USD $858.

[1] Standard aircraft weight (including the Intelligent Flight Battery, propellers, and a microSD card). The actual product weight may vary due to differences in batch materials and external factors. Registration is not required in some countries and regions. Always check local laws and regulations before use.

[2] HDR video does not support video recording at over 30 fps.

[3] Measured at a constant speed of 21.6 kph in windless conditions. With the Intelligent Flight Battery, the aircraft can fly for up to 38 mins. With the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus (sold separately and only in select countries), the flight time is extended to up to 51 mins, but the aircraft will weigh more than 249 g. Always check and strictly abide by local laws and regulations before flying.

[4] FCC-compliant, tested in an outdoor open environment without interference.

[5] Listed accessories are sold separately. Availability may vary.