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Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm T1 Cine Lens for Micro Four Thirds

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Chinese lens manufacturer Zhong Yi Optics has just released its fourth and final cinema product;  Speedmaster T1 cine lens for the Micro Four Thirds system.

The Zhong-Yi Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm T1 is an ultra fast prime lens with full manual control, ideal for dreamy, creative cinematography. The Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm T1 MFT joins the existing 17mm T1, 25mm T1 and 35mm T1 to provide a 100mm equivalent focal length.

Constructed using nine elements in six groups the manual focus lens weighs 720g (1.59lb) and measures 102mm (4″) long. The barrel is 80mm (3.2″) across and users will need 77mm filters. For more information see the Zhong Yi Optics website.

The Speedmaster 50mm T1 MFT is available now for $399. In addition, you can get the four-lens set with a protective case for $1,399. Check availability at  B&HPhoto,

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-fast T1 aperture
  • Professional Cinema Housing
  • Stepless, Silent Aperture Control
  • Smooth, Long and Precise Focus Throw
  • Low Focus Breathing
  • Manual Focus Design
  • 9 rounded blade Aperture

Press release:

Zhong Yi Optics added a 50mm T1 Cine Lens to the 17mm, 25mm and 35mm T1 Series for Micro Four Thirds cameras

Zhong Yi Optics, the leading wide-aperture lenses manufacturer in China, has released a 50mm T1 cine lens to complete their Micro Four Thirds cine lens line-up. Altogether there are 4 focal lengths to complete the set, from wide angle to telephoto – 17mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. It is a budget saver for filmmakers who can use a set of lenses with same characters during video production. A 4-lens bundle is available with a proprietary hard case included.

A Completed MFT Line-up Cine Lenses

With the new 50mm T1 being added to the current series of MFT Cine lines, the Micro Four Thirds line-up offers a field of view ranging from 25? to 65?, a great flexibility in different shooting environment for filmmakers. Similar Lens Characters allows great similarity in the bokeh and colour rendering even in different focal lengths. It saves time for filmmakers to align the overall style of the whole video in post-production.

Buttery Smooth & Refined Bokeh Rendering

The ultra-fast T1 aperture and close min. focusing distance (60cm /23.6”) enables the lens to produce buttery smooth and refined bokeh rendering. 9-blade circular aperture mechanism contributes to a pleasing round bokeh when the lenses are used wide-open. Perfectly separating the subject from its background, the lenses enable a creation of a look unparalleled by conventional lenses.

Dreamy Bokeh and Unique Lens Flare

The lens is also good for storytelling, narrative, wedding, and interview shooting. Also, the results of shooting at night with no other artificial lighting or low-light environment with the Speedmaster 50mm T1 cine lens are promising.

Premier Image Quality and unique Cinematic Look

Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm T1 Cine Lens retains the color contrast and sharpness of the image when the aperture values parked wide opened, or even against the light source. The image quality outrages other lenses with similar specification and price range. Charming cinematic look footage can be rendered with the lens.

Minimal Focus Breathing

The Zhongyi T/1.0 series lenses are designed to suppress the focus breathing to the minimal, allowing focus pull without compositions changed. The ultra-fast T1 aperture also facilitates shooting at low-light condition.

Professional Cinema Housing

An unified front diameter and gear position of the 17 / 25 / 35/ 50mm lenses make the work with focus motor and matte box much easier. Operators are thereby free from frequent re-adjustment of the settings. The internal focus design means the physical size of the lens stay unchanged throughout the entire focus throw. The seamless lens gear and long focus throw with precise scale markings allow accurate control of focus point even with extremely shallow depth of field at T1.0.

Impeccable Finishing with a Protective Case

Align with all other Mitakon lenses, a delicate and durable metallic exterior is granted on this Speedmaster Cine 50mm T1 lens as well. A solid feel of precision is found with this lens by the smooth aperture control ring, as well as the engraved marking on the lens housing. A high-quality protective case will come along with the purchase of the bundles.

Pricing and availability

The new Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm T1 Cine Lens for MFT cameras is available now on our official website (https://zyoptics.net/) and other authorised resellers. The US retail price of one lens is $399. The US retail price of the bundle with all 4 focal lengths is ($1,339). A protective case will be gifted with each bundle purchased.