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Viltrox AF 13mm f/1.4 XF Lens Review : One of The Best Lenses For X-Mount

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Here is an early Viltrox AF 13mm f/1.4 XF Lens Review. The US price of the lens is $469 (B&H Photo / Amazon) and shipping will start in May. Ahead of the release date of the lens we may see more Viltrox AF 13mm f/1.4 XF Lens Review published online.

Ideal for landscapes, cityscapes, street scenes, architecture, and more, the Viltrox AF 13mm f/1.4 XF is a sleek ultra-wide prime lens characterized by its portability, advanced optical design, and intuitive handling. Its fast f/1.4 maximum aperture balances size and speed and is suitable for working in available lighting conditions. This compact and lightweight wide-angle lens feature an internal STM motor for fast autofocus performances. The STM focus motor is compatible with subject tracking in video mode. Also, the lens focus internally so it won’t extend/retract as you change focus.

Below you can watch the new Viltrox AF 13mm f/1.4 XF Lens Review comes from The Hybrid Shooter.

Below is a summary of the above review:

  • 13mm is a 20mm equivalent
  • Not really ultra-wide and very useful for landscape and architecture
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Metal mount
  • USB-C ports for updates
  • Some degree of weather sealing but no gasket around the mount
  • 67mm filter thread
  • Works great with filters
  • High-quality metal lens hood that can be left in place all the time
  • The focusing ring is sufficiently large and the resistance is well weighted
  • Good manual focus
  • The aperture ring has clicks and is in 1/3 increments
  • Center sharpness is great from f/1.4 but contrast is only good but gets better by f/2 and it is perfect at f/2.8
  • Diffraction starts at f/11
  • Corner sharpness is good at f/1.4 and becomes excellent at f/4 and above
  • One of the best X mount lenses he’s ever tested
  • Profile correction is baked into the RAW
  • 0.1x magnification at 22cm
  • Image quality is good at the minimum focus distance
  • Smooth bokeh rendition
  • AF is the best it can be and is fast and accurate
  • It is one of the best AF lenses for video on the X-T4
  • AF motor is completely silent so it won’t be picked up when recording video
  • Very little focus breathing
  • This lens is a great value at half the price of Fujifilm equivalent lenses
  • One of the sharpest X-mount lenses ever tested, especially at f/2.8
  • The only negative is that the mount could have used a gasket

Viltrox AF 13mm f/1.4 XF Lens (coming 2022): B&H Photo / Amazon

Viltrox AF 13mm f/1.4 XF Lens Specifications

  • 13mm or approx 20mm equivalent in 35mm
  • 14 elements in 11 groups, 4 ED glass, 2 aspherical lenses, 2 high refraction index lenses
  • 9 blade diaphragm
  • AF with MF override (based on the camera body+ firmware version)
  • STM noiseless focus motor with internal focus mechanism
  • f/1.4-16 in 1/3 stops with A mode, clickable aperture ring
  • 0.22m to infinity focus range (o.1x magnification)
  • ø74mm x 90mm dimensions, 67mm front filter thread
  • firmware update via USB-C connector on the lens mount
  • 420g lens only
  • included: metal lens hood, front and rear lens cap, microfibre lens pouch
  • $469 US

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