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Ricoh Theta X 360 camera announced

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Ricoh has announced the Theta X, its latest 360 camera which can record 5.7K 360 video and boasts a 2.25-inch touchscreen display.

The RICOH THETA X retains its signature high portability with a compact, lightweight body as the original RICOH THETA. It also offers a high-resolution image equivalent to a maximum of approximately 60 megapixels (output pixel). The model is the first in the RICOH THETA series to have a large 2.25-inch full-color touch-screen display, improving operability as a standalone camera. RICOH THETA X also supports an interchangeable battery and an external memory card for more efficient and reliable shooting in business settings.

The Ricoh Theta X utilises a new CMOS sensor and image processor that can capture 48-megapixel, 360-degree still images. Users can also select from two image sizes: 11K for high-resolution bright-light indoor photography and 5.5K to capture images easily and efficiently in other conditions.

The Ricoh Theta X also offers image stabilisation for stable video footage.

Ricoh launches the RICOH THETA X 360-degree camera offering businesses efficient and reliable shooting.

Ricoh has also revamped the Theta body design with the new Theta X. The new 360 camera still retains its classic portable shape but has a new 2.25-inch touchscreen display for easier operation without a smartphone. The screen even lets you preview a scene before capture and view images post-capture.

The Ricoh Theta X also introduces an interchangeable battery and the option to increase your storage capacity with an external microSD card. The new Ricoh Theta body design use magnesium alloy for robustness but also to help dissipate heat more effectively.

Though the battery is interchangeable, you can still charge the Ricoh Theta X via its USB-C port.

Other features include an AI Auto mode, that uses AI scene recognition technology to identify subjects. Users can adjust exposure compensation and white balance before live-streaming, which you can do in 4K resolution at 30p for up to 25 minutes.

There’s also a Time Shift Shooting mode, built-in GPS and support for A-GPS function, a more accurate form of positional information.

Ricoh Theta X price information wasn’t available at the time of writing. The Theta X release date will be in March 2022, according to Ricoh.