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Samyang announces new Xeen Premium cinema lenses

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Samyang has unveiled a new line of premium cinema lenses which includes XEEN Anamorphic and XEEN Meister options for high-end cinematography. The new lenses comprised of the Xeen Anamorphic 50mm T2.3 and Xeen Meister 35mm, 50mm and 85mm T1.3 prime lenses.

The Samyang Xeen Anamorphic 50mm T2.3, which features a 2x squeeze factor, will be available exclusively in the PL mount, while the set of three Xeen Meister lenses will be released for PL as well as Canon EF and Sony E mounts.

The new XEEN Anamorphic 50mm T2.3 boasts a 15-blade aperture for creative bokeh effects and covers 2.55:1 original cinema-scope ratio on full-frame 35mm sensors.

Samyang’s XEEN Meister lenses are designed to support 8K filming and feature 13 aperture blade and Samyang’s X-coating technology. XEEN Meister lenses are also colour-matched across the full range and all offer a fast T stop of T1.3.

The XEEN Anamorphic 50mm T2.3 lens will be available in PL mount only, while XEEN Meister lenses will be available in PL mount, Sony E mount and Canon EF mount.

Samyang hasn’t yet announced price or release date for the XEEN Premium lenses.