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DxO launches Nik Collection 4 : Improved usability & Powerful new tools

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DxO has announced Nik Collection 4, the latest version of its suite of user-friendly photo editing software plugins.

One of the key new features in Nik Collection 4 are Meta Presets, which are new Photoshop actions that combine the filters and settings of multiple Nik Collection plugins into one. This means that you can edit your photos and apply the effects of a series of the Collection’s presets with just one click.

Nik Collection 4 also builds on its U Point technology, which allows users to apply local adjustments without masks. In Nik 4 you can now incorporate Control Points into your personalised presets, creating your own distinct style.

In other performance enhancements, DxO has improved the user interface with more direct access to presets and filters. DxO has also made the tools more easy to identify.

Nik Collection 4 contains the same eight plugins as last year’s Nik Collection 3, but popular plugins Viveza and Silver Efex have undergone major revisions and are vastly improved over previous iterations.

The plugins now feature a modern interface that is both simpler and more functional. Users can scroll and filter through all available presets, filter types, and favorites along the left side of the interface. On the right side of the interface are all the sliders and Control Point tools users have come to expect from Nik plugins.

Nik Collection 4 by DxO is available now for Windows and macOS. For new users, the software is available for $99.99 until June 30. After that, the price will increase to $149. For owners of existing Nik Collection by DxO software, you can upgrade for $59.99 until June 30. An upgrade will cost $79 after that. A fully functional 30-day free trial is available, too, by visiting DxO.

As a note for M1 Mac users, the Nik Collection 4 doesn’t natively support the M1 version of Adobe Photoshop yet. DxO hopes to have a compatible installer available soon.

Nik Collection 4 Price

DxO is offering its Nik Collection 4 software at a reduced price until 30 June. The discount and prices have been confirmed as:

€99.99 instead of €149
$99.99 instead of €149
£88.99 instead of £133

€59.99 instead of €79
$59.99 instead of $79
£54.99 instead of £69