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DJI FPV combo drone Announced, Price : $1,299

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DJI officially announced the new DJI FPV combo drone – First-Person View Drone UAV Quadcopter with 4K Camera, Brand-New S Flight Mode, Super-Wide 150° FOV, HD Low-Latency Transmission, Emergency Brake and Hover. The US price is $1,299 and it is now in stock at major US stores: AmazonB&HAdorama

Fully immerse yourself in the amazing aerial views and unbridled speed of drone flying with the combo version of the DJI FPV Drone. Using the bundled FPV Goggles V2, you get a first-person view of what the drone sees, with footage that makes it feel like you’re the one flying through the sky. The onboard 4K60 fps gimbal camera can send low-latency video to your goggles for a near real-time experience. The 150° super-wide FOV lets you take in and appreciate the scope of the vistas you fly over.

DJI FPV combo drone Announced, Price : $1,299

DJI FPV Combo Drone Key Features

  • 795g (1.75 lbs.) total weight
  • 255×312×127mm (with propellers)
  • 1/ 2.3” 12MP CMOS image sensor
  • 35mm equivalent lens (150º FOV)
  • Ability to capture photo and video on the same flight
  • 4k/60p and 1080/240p video at 120Mbps
  • H.264 and H.265 codecs
  • Emergency brake and hover
  • Obstacle avoidance sensors on front and bottom of aircraft
  • OcuSync 3.0 (O3) transmission system for 10km range, dual frequencies, 50 Mbps bitrate
  • 20-minute max flight time
  • 140 kph (87 mph) max speed
  • Memory card holder in goggles in case drone is lost

DJI FPV Drone (Combo): $1,299 at AmazonB&HAdorama

A Flight Experience For Every Skill Level

DJI FPV is the first integrated FPV drone that allows pilots from beginners to professionals to choose from multiple flight modes to match their skill level:

  • Normal (N) Mode: During N mode operation, DJI FPV operates similar to other DJI drones, hovering in place with the use of GPS and/or visual positioning systems (VPS) on the bottom of the drone.
  • Manual (M) Mode: Take full control over the drone with M mode which is designed for more experienced users. While in M mode, all sensors and hovering features are disabled.
  • Sport (S) Mode: A new hybrid blend of M and N mode, S mode offers some of the dynamic movement capabilities that come with M mode along with some of the key safety features of N mode. S mode is the middle step between the three modes and developed to give pilots more room to explore their skills as they get accustomed to FPV flight.

Immerse Yourself In The Experience of Flying

DJI FPV lets you see the world in a new way using the absolute latest in HD transmission technology. Pilots can see a crystal-clear, long-range, low-latency feed from the DJI FPV aircraft while wearing the DJI FPV Goggles V2. State-of-the-art racing motors offer high-speed action during flights, and the O3 transmission system offers unmatched reliability. The new DJI FPV system uses that same technology to bring a crystal-clear image to the goggles with ultra-low latency. Pilots can choose from several different viewing options, including:

  • High-Quality mode: See the world in 1440x810p in either 60 fps with a wider 142° Field of View (FOV), or 50 fps with 150° FOV. In this mode, latency is as low as ≤ 40 ms.
  • Low-Latency mode: In this mode, pilots activate high frame rates for a more cinematic look to signal latency is decreased to ≤ 28 ms. Resolution is 1440×810p 120 fps with a 142° FOV or 100 fps at 150° FOV.
  • Audience mode: Share the pilot’s perspective in audience mode, which connects up to eight additional goggle sets to the pilot’s view so even onlookers can experience the flight.

DJI FPV Combo Drone Videos