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Canon EOS R5S to be Announced in 2022 with 100MP Sensor

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A new 100MP Canon EOS R camera is apparently in the pipeline. Rumors claim that the Canon EOS R5S could arrive in early 2022. It is expected to have a 100MP sensor that could set a new record for these new full-frame mirrorless cameras. According to the latest reports, the arrival of Canon’s new 100MP camera may have the highest megapixel recording for mirrorless cameras.

Moreover, the Canon EOS R5S will not be a regular EOS R5 with a higher resolution sensor inside; instead, it will be a body redesigned with landscape and studio photography in mind.

Along with upcoming Canon EOS R5C to be announced in this year and the flagship EOS R1, Canon is going to announce the long awaited EOS R5S in 2022. The Canon EOS R5S will feature with a 100MP full frame image sensor.

Confirmed: Canon EOS R5C Coming in Late 2021

Canon EOS R5S to be Announced in 2022 with 100MP Sensor

Canon EOS R5S Rumored Specifications:

  • Approximately 100MP full-frame CMOS image sensor
  • Improved 5-Axis in-body Image Stabilization
  • “Pixel-shift like feature” to add resolution (Perhaps like Fujifilm’s feature in the GFX 100?). Total resolution “north of 300mp”.
  • The EVF will be larger and higher resolution than the EOS R5
  • Video features are “NOT a focus” of the Canon EOS R5s.
  • No 8K video recording capability
  • Nearly identical body design as the Canon EOS R5.
  • Pricing will be “similar” to the Canon EOS R5.
  • Dual card slots: SD (compatible with UHS-II), CFexpress type B
  • LP-E6NH battery
  • Built-in 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Dust-proof and splash-proof
  • Announcement scheduled for Q1 of 2022

From CR:

A solid source has told me that Canon hasn’t yet internally decided on which image sensor will come in the new high-megapixel RF mount camera. This camera will replace the equally loved and hated EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R.

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The Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6 are among the best mirrorless cameras and the sales figures are quite good.

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