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Three HD PENTAX-FA Limited Lenses Announced for K-mount DSLRs

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Ricoh announces three HD PENTAX-FA Limited interchangeable lenses for K-mount SLR cameras: the HD Pentax-FA 31mm F1.8 Limited, HD Pentax-FA 43mm F1.9 Limited and HD Pentax-FA 77mm F1.8 Limited.

Featuring the latest HD coating and a round-shaped diaphragm for a natural bokeh effect, these new prime lenses boast improved imaging performance to deliver sharp, distinctive images in combination with a K-mount camera body, while sporting an attractive exterior design.

The HD Pentax-FA 31mm F1.8 Limited lens, HD Pentax-FA 43mm F1.9 Limited lens and HD Pentax-FA 77mm F1.8 Limited lens will all be available at Ricoh’s online shop and at authorized Ricoh retailers in April 2021 for $1,050, $600 and $800, respectively.

Ricoh updates Pentax 31mm F1.8, 43mm F1.9 and 77mm F1.8 Limited lenses

Three HD PENTAX-FA Limited Lenses

  • HD PENTAX-FA 31mm F1.8 Limited Lens, $1,049.95 Adorama | B&H: A lightweight, versatile wide-angle lens offering sharp imaging performance with natural perspective and high contrast.
  • HD PENTAX-FA 43mmF 1.9 Limited Lens, $599.95 Adorama | B&H: An ultra-compact lens with exceptional high-contrast, high-resolution optics that is ideally suited for everyday use including indoor photography, traveling and hiking. This lens features a unique design element — A mount pointer made of a Shippoyaki (cloisonné) ware. This pointer allows the user to mount the lens to a camera body as effortlessly as other Limited Lens-series models.
  • HD PENTAX-FA 77mm F1.8 Limited Lens, $799.95 Adorama | B&H:A versatile lens specifically designed for portrait photography.

Ricoh has also updated the aperture diaphragm in each of the lenses to be ‘completely round-shaped’ for smoother bokeh. Other improvements include a retained aperture ring for maximum functionality with Pentax K-mount film cameras. A Super Protect (SP) coating applied to the front elements of each of the lenses to help repel dirt and dust.

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