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Luminar AI with New “Adaptive Templates” to create Perfect Photos

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As you know Skylum announced LuminarAI with launch discount. In addition to the Luminar AI, the company also presented the first of the many new features coming with the future Luminar AI (preorder here). It is named “adaptive templates” and which are “AI powered presets”. It analyzes the image you upload and it automatically applies all necessary correction based on the elements it recognizes in the photo.

With IrisAI, it’s easy to change the color of the eyes, add definition, or even go for a creative interpretation. Building upon a solid AI foundation, IrisAI recognizes faces straight on, sideways or even when one of the eyes is closed or obscured.

You can preorder LuninarAI at the special price of $69

BodyAI is the latest addition to a growing set of AI tools. It allows to make bodies appear lighter or add weight if needed. It works on full body portraits at every angle, including sitting, turned sideways or even lying down.

Skylum’s LuminarAI is first image editor fully powered by artificial Intelligence. With LuminarAIcreating striking photos becomes surprisingly easy and fun. It automates the most common manual tasks and simplifies complexity so that you have more time to create an engaging story.

LuminarAI is an all-new application and plug-in that will be released during the holiday season. It is the first fully AI-powered image editing software in the world. Learn more about LuminarAI here.

BodyAI and IrisAI are joining other groundbreaking AI tools in LuminarAI, including SkinAI for a pixel-perfect skin retouching, and FaceAI to help remove dark circles, enlarge eyes, improve eyebrows, and add lip color and definition. All without complicated techniques, dozens of layers and hours of tedious work.