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GoPro HERO9 Black Officially Announced, Price $449

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GoPro officially announced the new GoPro HERO9 Black action camera with a tweaked design and improved specifications for getting more out of your action photos and video. The US price is $449.99 and it will be released on September 21, 2020. The new GoPro HERO9 Black is now in stock at Amazon. You can also check the availability at B&HAdorama.

GoPro HERO9 features a 20MP sensor that can video at 5K30p and 4K60p. GoPro is using its third-generation Hypersmooth 3.0 technology as well as improved versions of its Superphoto and HDR technology. Raw photo capture is still possible, as well as 1080p livestreaming, inclusion of data overlays in footage and plenty of slow-motion modes (1080p at 240 frames per second).

The HERO9 Black also features a removable wider-angle lens that can be swapped out for the new ‘Max Lens Mod’ that makes the field-of-view even wider for photos and videos (155º).

GoPro says the HERO9 Black will have 30% better battery life than the HERO8 Black and is waterproof down to 10m (33ft). The HERO9 Black is also compatible with over 40 of GoPro’s mods and accessories for decking out the camera to fit your photo and video needs.

GoPro HERO9 Black: $449.99 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

GoPro HERO9 Black Features:

  • New Image Sensor
  • Video: 5K30, 4K60, 2.7K120, 1440p120, 1080p240 and more
  • Photo: 20MP
  • New 1.4″ front color display with live preview and status modes
  • Larger 2.27″ rear touch display with touch zoom
  • 30% more battery life than HERO8 Black with improved cold weather performance
  • Removable, rechargeable battery
  • HyperSmooth 3.0 with in-camera horizon leveling
  • TimeWarp 3.0 featuring Real Speed and Half Speed
  • 1080p Live Streaming
  • 1080p Webcam mode
  • Power Tools: HindSight, LiveBurst, Scheduled Capture and Duration Capture
  • SuperPhoto + HDR Night lapse video
  • RAW photos
  • Digital lenses
  • Voice control with 14 commands in 11 languages + 6 accents
  • 3 microphones with advanced wind-noise reduction
  • Stereo + RAW audio
  • Larger speaker for improved audio playback
  • Removable lens cover
  • Built-in folding mounting fingers
  • Rugged + waterproof to 33ft (10m)
  • Compatible with Max Lens Mod, Light Mod, Display Mod and Media Mod for HERO9 Black

Press Release:

GoPro Packs More of Everything into New HERO9 Black

New Sensor Delivers 5K Video, 20MP Photos and HyperSmooth 3.0 Video Stabilization
New Front-Facing Display, Larger Rear-Display and 30% Longer Battery Life
Max Lens Mod Accessory Brings Max HyperSmooth and Ultra Wide-Angle Max SuperView to HERO9 Black
GoPro Subscribers Save $100 on HERO9 Black at GoPro.com

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — GoPro, Inc. (NASDAQ:GPRO) today announced its new camera, HERO9 Black—featuring “more everything”—including a new sensor that delivers 5K video and 20 megapixel photos, next-generation HyperSmooth 3.0 video stabilization with in-camera horizon leveling, a new front-facing display, a larger rear display, 30% more battery life, and a Max Lens Mod accessory that brings Max HyperSmooth video stabilization and Max SuperView ultra wide-angle photo and video to HERO9 Black.

HERO9 Black is available globally for an MSRP of $449.99, or $349.98 with a one-year subscription to GoPro. Existing GoPro subscribers can also take advantage of the $349.98 pricing at GoPro.com.

GoPro also shared that it has updated the name of its GoPro Plus subscription offering to simply GoPro, reflecting how central the subscription service has become to the brand’s product experience.

“HERO9 Black reflects our commitment to delivering what our customers have been asking for, including more value for their money,” said Nicholas Woodman, GoPro’s founder and CEO. “HERO9 Black is a beast of a product, and GoPro subscribers can get it for $100 off at GoPro.com while also enjoying unlimited cloud storage of their GoPro footage, up to 50% on everything at GoPro.com and no-questions-asked camera replacement. And we’re not done, with more value adds coming to GoPro subscribers later this year.”

GoPro has also eliminated plastic from HERO9 Black’s packaging and added value by packaging the camera in a high-quality travel case that fits additional mounts and accessories.

“Reducing as much plastic as possible from our business is a priority for us,” said Woodman. “We’re excited to package HERO9 Black in a high-value travel case instead of traditional wasteful packaging, and we’re committed to doing the same with the rest of our cameras by the end of 2021.”

Introducing the All-New Max Lens Mod for HERO9 Black
The all-new Max Lens Mod ($99.99) brings unbreakable Max HyperSmooth video stabilization and low-distortion, ultra-wide Max SuperView to HERO9 Black at up to 2.7K60 resolution. Max Lens Mod also allows for horizon lock even when the camera is rotated a full 360°. This enables mind blowing creative versatility for social media producers, film and television professionals and weekend warriors, alike.

HERO9 Black-compatible Mods also include the Media Mod for HERO9 Black ($79.99), now with a removable foam windscreen; Display Mod ($79.99); and Light Mod ($49.99).

Max Lens Mod will be available globally starting October 2020. The Media Mod for HERO9 Black and Display Mod will be available starting Sept. 16. The Light Mod is currently available on GoPro.com as well as at select retailers.

Subscribing to GoPro
The GoPro subscription service delivers the best value and end-to-end experience to GoPro users. GoPro subscribers benefit from no-questions-asked camera replacement; unlimited cloud storage of their GoPro photos and video at original quality; enhanced live streaming to GoPro.com with fewer restrictions than other live streaming services; up to 50% on mounts and accessories at GoPro.com, including the brand-new lineup of GoPro Lifestyle Gear; plus, up to $100 savings on new camera purchases.

The GoPro subscription is available for $49.99 annually or $4.99/month.

HERO9 Black Million Dollar Challenge
For the third year in a row, GoPro is challenging its users to create the launch highlight reel for its new flagship camera. Open exclusively to owners of HERO9 Black, the Million Dollar Challenge will award an equal share of $1,000,000 to entrants whose video clips are chosen for the HERO9 Black Million Dollar Challenge video that will be released in December 2020.

Beginning today, HERO9 Black users are invited to capture and submit their video clips for consideration to the HERO9 Black Million Dollar Challenge on GoPro.com/Awards. Submissions close on Friday, December 4.

Global Availability 
HERO9 Black is on sale internationally starting today on GoPro.com and at select retailers around the world. The camera retails for $449.99 MSRP or on GoPro.com for $349.98 with the purchase of a one-year subscription to GoPro. Existing GoPro subscribers can also take advantage of the $349.98 pricing at GoPro.com.

HERO9 Black joins GoPro MAX at $499.99 MSRP, or $399.98 with a one-year GoPro subscription; HERO8 Black at $349.99 MSRP, or $299.98 with a one-year GoPro subscription; and HERO7 Black at $249.99 MSRP to round out the full 2020 GoPro Lineup.