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First Specs & Images of EOS R6, RF 85mm f/2 Macro IS STM, RF 600mm & 800mm f/11 IS STM Lenses

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First images and specs of upcoming RF lenses and EOS R6 have been leaked online. The lenses are the RF 85mm f/2 Macro IS STM Lens, RF 600mm f/11 DO IS STM, RF 800mm f/11 DO IS STM.

According to the report, list of Canon products that will be announced on July 9, 2020 inlcudes Canon EOS R5Canon EOS R6, several RF lenses, teleconverters, a wireless transmitter and a battery grip and more accessories. See the list of the Canon products below.

Canon EOS R5 Specifications: What We Know So Far

Canon EOS R5 Body Price Will Be Below $4000 USD

Canon EOS R6 Specifications: (New information in BOLD)

  • 20mp full-frame CMOS sensor (not the same as the Canon 1DX Mark III)
  • IBIS
  • 12fps mechanical and 20fps electronic.
  • Oversampled 5K Video
  • 4K @ 60p
  • FullHD @ 120p
  • Canon Log
  • 10-bit
  • Zebras
  • AF identical to the EOS R5
  • No RAW video mode
  • Dual SD UHS-II slots
  • Head detection AF
  • Animal detection AF
  • Identical 5 million dot EVF as the EOS R5
  • No top-down screen
  • Build quality not as good as the EOS R5
  • Bluetooth 4.2 (EOS R5 to get Bluetooth 5.0)
  • LP-E6NH Battery (Same as the EOS R5)
  • Announcement July 9, 2020
  • Price under $2500 USD

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RF 85mm f/2 Macro IS STM Lens:
  • 12 lens elements in 11 groups (including 1 UD lens)
  • Minimum shooting distance 0.35m
  • Maximum shooting magnification 0.5x
  • Image stabilization effect 5.0 steps
  • Filter diameter 67mm
  • Size: φ78×90.5mm
  • Weighs: 500g
RF 600mm f/11 IS STM Lens:
  • 10 elements in 7 groups (including DO lens)
  • Minimum shooting distance of 4.5 m
  • Maximum shooting magnification of 0.14 times
  • Camera shake correction effect of 5.0 steps
  • Filter diameter 82 mm
  • Size φ 93 x 199.5 mm (When retracted)/269.5mm (when shooting)
  • Weigh 930g.

RF 800mm f/11 IS STM Lens:
  • 11 elements in 8 groups (including DO lens)
  • Minimum shooting distance 6.0m
  • Maximum shooting magnification 0.14x
  • Camera shake correction effect 4.0 steps
  • Filter diameter 95mm
  • Size φ101.6×281. It seems to be .8mm (when retracted)/351.8mm (when shooting)
  • Weighs 1260g.
RF 100-500mm f/4-7.1L IS USM Lens Specs:
  • 20 elements in 14 groups (including 1 super UD lens and 6 UD lenses)
  • Minimum shooting distance 0.9m (wide-angle end)
  • Maximum shooting Magnification 0.33 times (telephoto end)
  • Camera shake correction effect 5 steps
  • Filter diameter 77 mm
  • Size φ 93.8 mm x 207.6 mm
  • Weight 1,370 g
  • ASC, fluorine coating
Extender RF 1.4x Specs:
  • 7 elements in 4 groups
  • Size φ71.2×20.3 mm (mount standard)/40.6 mm (total length)
  • Weight 225g
Extender RF 2x Specs:
  • 9 elements in 5 groups
  • Size φ71.2×39.3 mm (mounting standard)/60.6 mm (total length)
  • Weight 340 g

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