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Breaking : CP+ 2020 is Canceled Due to The Coronavirus

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The 2020 CP+show is now officially canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak

<Notice of the cancellation of CP + 2020> As the prospects for effective treatments and countermeasures against the new coronavirus are unclear, we first considered the health and safety aspects of the visitors, and as a result, we will hold it at Pacifico Yokohama for 4 days from February 27 We have decided to cancel the planned CP + 2020.

CP + ( Sea copy plus) 2020 The determination of the event is canceled

CIPA ( CIPA : Representative Director, Chairman Maeda Masaya) is, in the future of effective therapeutic drugs and Solution to the new coronavirus is not foresee, visitors and exhibitors officials of health and the results we thought, such as the first safety, 2 Month 27 From day Four Between Japan, it had planned to held in Pashifi co-Yokohama CP + 2020 It has decided to abort.

CP + Took to the latest camera and hand people are actually visitors related equipment that is its operational feeling is the biggest feature is that you’ll make sure such consumer-oriented show. At that time, about 7 Million people there is a possibility that can not be eliminated the risk of infection in people of an unspecified number of visitors. As those Industry Association, it is determined that it is important to avoid such a risk, but there is a regrettable to Makoto, it has decided to cancel the hold.

Like you the understanding of everyone, we humbly thank you.