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Fujifilm GFX 100 First Impressions

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Here are the first impressions of the Fujifilm GFX 100 medium format camera. The GFX 100 medium format mirrorless camera features a newly-developed back-illuminated 102MP imaging sensor with blazingly fast x processor 4 processing engine to create a combination capable of outputting 16-bit images with amazing color fidelity, rich shadow detail, and incredible dynamic Range.

The GFX 100 is a dual-grip mirrorless camera that uses the GF lens mount with the addition of on-sensor phase detection for faster focus. The camera has 5-axis in-body image stabilization, a hybrid autofocus system with nearly 100% coverage and both DCI and UHD 4K video with 10-bit 4:2:2 output.

FujiFilm GFX 100 body: $9,999.95 at Amazon/B&H Photo Video/Adorama

FujiFilm GFX 100 Pre-order, in Stock & Availability Tracker

Fujifilm GFX100 Recap

  • Fujifilm targeted pros and amateur with GFX
  • They wanted to expand the market
  • 70% come from full frame
  • Want to expand the market to movies
  • GFX is about peak image quality
  • GFX lets you shoot medium format like full frame thanks to IBIS
  • GFX100 is fast
  • GFX50S EVF works in GFX100 but not the other way around
  • GFX100 isn’t meant to replace GFX50S/GFX50R
  • GFX100 is more photographer-centric
  • GFX100 IBIS can’t fit in GFX50R yet they need a technical innovation to make it work
  • Lots of requests for tilt-shift but might not be next but there are more lenses coming.
  • A fisheye lens that compliments the GFX would be difficult to make
  • The GF110 already has great bokeh and if they make lenses faster than the 110mm f/2 it won’t get much better, but it will get bigger
  • GFX almost 2.5 years old
  • Improved AF speed was the top request after GFX50S
  • Will likely minimize GFX size next
  • Price is also important
  • The GFX50S/GFX50R would have trouble catching the GFX100, but a new algorithm might help with the CDAF
  • Full Frame market is 35% of the digital market
  • Old Full Frame DSLR customers are just moving to mirrorless Full Frame so the makeup of the sensor size market is still the same
  • Fujifilm mirrorless grew in 2018 from users dumping DSLR cameras
  • X-T3 brought in a lot of new customers for Fujifilm thanks in large part to Fujifilm’s strength in high-quality video
  • Want bigger than Full Frame than GFX is your option
  • APS-C and Medium format surround the highly competitive Full Frame market
  • Fujifilm has no plans to merge the X-H2 and X-T4
  • Fujifilm X-H1 is for people that need IBIS and durability now and X-T3 is very image quality centric
  • Won’t talk about X-Pro3
  • X-H1 is functioning at its best level already
  • Wifi connectivity is directional so depending on where you stand signal strength will vary
  • Fujifilm is always working on their app

  • Sample Images

    Fujifilm GFX 100 sample images can be found at DPReviewFujifilm and Jonasraskphotography websites.

    Camerasize just added the Fujifilm GFX100 to their comparison tool and the Fujiflim dwarfs the Nikon D850 in size. Similarly, the Nikon D850 weighs in at 2.01 lb, while the GFX100 comes in at 3.08 lb. You can view the above comparison here.

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