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Sharp 8K Micro Four Thirds Camera at NAB 2019

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Newsshooter tested the new Sharp 8K Micro Four Thirds Camera at NAB 2019 event. It was an early prototype test and their first impressions can be found below.

The Micro Four Thirds camera will be priced around ¥300,000 to ¥400,000 yen (approximately $2,800 to $3,700). Shipping is scheduled to start in Summer 2019. First specs of the Sharp 8K Micro Four Thirds camera is 8k video recording at 30fps in H.265 codec.

First look from the 2019 NAB show:

Sharp 8K Micro Four Thirds camera sample video:

From Newsshooter:

“It’s too hard to judge a camera from using a very early prototype, and it would be irresponsible to jump to conclusions. In saying that, I think the camera certainly has potential. I do think that everyone needs to understand that just because a product has 8K written on it, that doesn’t mean its suddenly going to be some sort of magical device.”

What we know so far about the Sharp 8K Micro Four Thirds Camera

  • 8k at 30 fps in H.265 codec (Sharp is working on 60 fps)
  • Price under $5,000
  • No sensor info besides Micro Four Thirds format
  • 5″ inch touchscreen
  • 1 SD card slot
  • On sensor stabilization
  • Looks like the Blackmagic Pocket camera
  • Not officially announced yet (a prototype was shown at CES)
  • The official announcement is expected at the 2019 NAB show
  • Price: $2,800 – $3,700
  • Shipping in Summer 2019

Stay tuned with us for more information.

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