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Leica Q2 Camera to Feature a 47MP sensor

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According to recent reports the upcoming Leica Q2 camera could feature a new 47MP sensor. This information spotted on the new Leica FOTOS app version 1.1.0.

The app already has a listing for the upcoming Leica Q2 camera with two new resolution settings. One of them is for Leica Q2 with 47MP sensor and the other one is for Leica S3 with 64MP sensor.

So in addition to the Sony RX1, Leica will make it serious full-frame fixed-lens competitor with the upcoming Zeiss ZX1.

  • 47MP (for the Leica Q2?)
  • 64MP (for the Leica S3?)

Leica Q2 Camera Rumors

  • “Leica Q2” has already been trademarked in Europe since 2017
  • Leica Q2 has also already been registered at the Indonesian government agency Postel under the code name “4889”
  • Nokishita spotted the registration for the new Leica Q2 camera. We shall see this camera announced within 1-2 months

Via LeicaRumorsNooishita