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Sony A6400 – Budget-Friendly 4K Mirrorless Camera

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Sony is on the verge to announce a new affordable 4K mirrorless camera in the name of Sony A6400. This will be a new entry level APS-C mirrorless designed for Youtubers and Vloggers in mind.

The camera will feature 4K video recording capability and tilting LCD screen that will help vloggers to capture the moments. The Sony Alpha a6400 is going to replace both Sony a5100 and Sony a6000 models.

Sony will going to announce Sony A6400 mirrorless camera with selfie screen and affordable price tag. It will be named as Sony a6400 a new mid-level APS-C mirrorless camera with 4K video recording at 30p.

Sony A6400 – New Entry Level Camera from Sony

Sony A6400 - Budget-Friendly 4K Mirrorless Camera

Rumored Sony A6400 Specifications

  • Sony Alpha a6400 will be announced on Jan 15 between 4-5pm London time.
  • It’s going to become the new mid-level camera replacing both the A5100 and entry level A6xxx cameras
  • It has a classic A6xxx design but it has the A5100 selfie screen (SAR note: That’s why for a short moment I thought this was an A5xxx camera…but it’s not).
  • New APS-C sensor
  • Made for vloggers
  • 4K30p (it has NOT 4k60p)
  • No Z-battery and no dual SD card slot
  • But has some new “exciting” features

Sony A6400 core specs not available at the moment. We will update you soon as we get any new information. Stay tuned with us and read more Sony Mirrorless news and Sony Rumors here.