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Canon EOS 80D Replacement to be a “Big Leap Forward”

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According to recent rumors the upcoming Canon EOS 80D replacement will be a “big leap forward” for the mid-range APS-c DSLR lineup.

When we talk about Canon DSLR cameras with APS-c sensor, the EOS 80D is quite popular and sales are indeed good. A possible Canon EOS 90D camera to be announced at the Photokina 2018 event as a 2-year-old Canon EOS 80D replacement. But the rumor mill suggests that the name might be different.

With product cycles being longer, Canon is apparently aware that “future proofing” cameras will become an important part of their sales strategy.

Canon EOS 80D Replacement Will Be a “Big Leap Forward”

The Canon EOS 80D replacement is expected to be announced in the second half of 2018. The specs of the upcoming unit is unknown at the moment. This means it will not be the same sensor with the upcoming Rebel DSLRs or EOS M50. The mid-range DSLR to feature an all new APS-C sensor and a new version of DPAF.

The Photokina 2018 event, which was held every two years previously, will now be held every year. In September this year, Photokina will be opening its doors and many new manufacturers are expected to announce new cameras and lenses. A

According to recent rumors, the Canon EOS 80D replacement camera equipped with the APS-c sensor will be announced

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