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Nikon 20mm F2.0 Lens Patent for Curve Sensor

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Nikon filed a new patent in Japan. The patent application describes a Nikon 20mm F2.0 lens that is designed for curve sensor.

We already know that the company is working on  a curved sensor camera. See the previously released patent back in 2017 that shows the curved image sensor patent by Nikon.

Now we see two filed patents (P2018-72638A, P201872640A) for a 20mm f/2 full-frame lens designed for a curved image sensor. See the details below.

New Nikon patent: 20mm f/2 full frame lens for curved sensor

  • Focal length: 20mm
  • Aperture: 2.0
  • Image height: 21.1 mm
  • Half angle of view: 53.6

Nikon also filed another patent for a stacked BSI image sensor with dual shutter mode. A rolling shutter for low-noise and global one for less distortion.