Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Prototype Exist, Coming Late 2018?

According to the latest Canon rumors, a prototype of the Canon full frame mirrorless camera is in testing. In addition, you may find some of the shared information in the article.

As you know, a recent report at Nikkei confirms that the company currently shifts focus from DSLR cameras to mirrorless cameras. This means sooner or later we will finally see Canon full frame mirrorless camera announced.

Photokina 2018 opens its doors in September. There is a strong chance that Canon will announce or hint a development process for the long-rumored Canon Full-Frame mirrorless camera.

Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Prototype Exist, Coming at Photokina 2018

According to CR, a prototype of Canon full frame mirrorless camera is in testing. Here are some info about this camera prototype:

  • It has a top down LCD like the Leica SL.
  • The flange distance looks too short for it to be an EF mount, but no lens was attached to the body to be sure.
  • A press of the shutter button in burst mode sounded like it shot over 10fps.
  • There were no markings on branding on the body.

These sorts of leaks are rare, but they more often than not turn out to have some kind of truth to them. We expect multiple Canon full frame mirrorless prototypes to exist. Check Three Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras are on the Horizon.

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