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First Panasonic GH5s images leaked on the web

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First Panasonic GH5s images surfaced online. The replacement to the Lumix GH5 will use the “S” symbol, which means the second camera in the series.

The upcoming Panasonic GH5s to be announced on January 8, 2017 at the CES 2018 event. The high-end video centric product is going to be the first Micro 4/3rds shooter provides 14 bit raw photos.

When it comes to the Panasonic GH5s price, sources were claiming that it will be around $2,500For comparison, the current GH5 model still sells for $2,000.

First Panasonic GH5s images surfaced online

First Panasonic GH5s images leaked on the web

The replacement to the GH5 will have a new sensor. It will provide better low-light shooting capabilities with improved ISO sensitivity range up to 102,400. Full specifications of the Panasonic GH5s can be found in this post.

From the image top, we can see a red button on the dial probably for quick access to video recording.

This is all for the first Panasonic Gh5s images that has been leaked on the web. Stay tuned with us for more information to read more Panasonic Mirrorless and Panasonic Rumors!

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