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Sony will keep developing A-mount cameras and lenses

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It is confirmed that Sony will keep developing A-mount Cameras and A-mount Lenses.

In an interview with Focus Numerique, Sony managers talked about the future of the A mount, the development of optics for APS-C cameras, curved sensors and the Tokyo Olympics.

Here is a nice recap from SonyAddict of the recent interview with Sony. Before that check for the price information of the flagship A-mount Sony A99II.

Confirmed : Sony will keep developing A-mount cameras and lenses

Sony will keep developing A-mount cameras and lenses

  • We will continue to develop A-mount cameras and lenses (first time they committed to developing lenses)
  • Translucent mirror has unique advantages
  • A-mount lets you use old Minolta optics
  • The focus has been on E-mount because there are more gaps
  • A99II has been well received
  • UHC-8300 and it’s 8k recording was brought up in relation to the 2020 Olympics
  • E-mount is better for video and A-mount is better for photos
  • There is a contraction in the professional video market because the difference between high-end video equipment and the consumer level is very little today.
  • Sony refreshes products frequently to stimulate the market, but continues support for a long time and sells old models for many years, unlike competitors.
  • They are always expanding their pro support
  • Sony doesn’t see compact cameras or entry level ILC going away due to cellphones.
  • Sony is doing R&D into a variety of new image processing techniques like L16.
  • Still not the right moment for them to enter medium format even thought hey could easily.
  • Their priority is to meet the demands of professionals.
  • Sony doesn’t do big firmware update because they believe the camera should be maximized when shipped.
  • Curved sensors are better for fixed focal length lenses and do not work well with zooms.
  • Can’t say anything about their multilayered sensors yet.
  • Sony made full frame lens development their priority and will now get back to APS-C, which might include a 100-400mm equivalent like the recently released full frame lens.
  • G Master is generally reserved for full frame
  • Sony’s biggest optical is making brighter glass for professionals.
  • There will be no full frame camera without an EVF.

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