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Olympus patent for 12-80mm lens for Micro Four Thirds

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Olympus patent for 12-80mm lens for Micro Four Thirds system mirrorless cameras.

The aperture range of the zoom lens is unknown at the moment. We believe this would be a similar aperture but more focal length version for the current 12-50mm f/3.5‑6.3.

The Olympus 12-80mm provides 24-160mm equivalent focal length in 35mm format and will be a useful standart zoom lens for MFT cameras.

Olympus 12-80mm MFT Lens Patent

If this patent becomes available then the Olympus 12-80mm lens will most likely replace the current 12-50mm version. See the patent details below.

US patent “9726868” explains the design and specs of a couple of new lenses:

12-60mm f/3.9-6.1 (total lens length 62mm at the wide end)
12-70mm f/3.9-6.1 (total lens length 64mm at the wide end)
12-85mm f/3.9-6.1 (total lens length 70mm at the wide end)
12-120mm f/4.0-6.2 (total lens length 95mm at the wide end)
12-150mm f/3.9-6.2 (total lens length 98mm at the wide end)

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