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Nikon DF2 camera is in the works and not coming soon

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The Nikon DF2 camera is rumored to be in the works and not coming soon in near future.

Chinese website Xitek has posted an interview with Tetsuro Goto from Nikon. The article includes some serious talks about Df successor and the future Nikon full-frame mirrorless cameras.

When we look at the notes from this interview, Nikon is actively working on the Df successor which will be called DF2. In the interview, it is stated that the users who follow this series will have to wait more. Until this time they can buy the existing DF without thinking. Here are some notes from this interview about the upcoming Nikon Df2 camera.

Nikon DF2 camera is in development

Nikon DF2 camera will use a new sensor and advanced AF system. For the sensor resolution it is claimed that the Japanese company could use either the Nikon D5 or D850 sensor in upcoming model. There will be a lot of improvements over the original DF. The body design of the Nikon DF2 camera will also be much thinner and smaller.

The Nikon DF2 announcement has been rumored for summer of 2017 for the company’s 100th anniversary. Instead the company ınveiled and focused on the Nikon D850 announcement.

DF2 Notes from the interview

  • Nikon Df2 is in developing
  • Df 2 will be much thinner and smaller
  • Df 2 will have a lot of improvement than original Df
  • There could be two version of Df successor, one use D5 sensor, the other use D850 sensor
  • Df 2 is not near, so just buy Df if you need.

These are the latest information about the Nikon Df2 camera. At the moment we can speculate the retro-styled full-frame camera is scheduled to be announced in 2018. Stay tuned with us for more information.