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Best Memory Cards for Sony A6500

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Here are the best memory cards for Sony A6500 mirrorless camera.

In this post we’ll recommend you the Alpha A6500 memory cards. If you are a new owner or want to buy this camera, first let us give some information about what type of cards you can use.

The mirrorless camera sports a massive buffer with a capacity of 2.5GB. You can fill the buffer with around 105 RAW images. The camera uses the UHS-I memory card interface that allows write speeds around 32MB/s. This means it is pointless to find the fastest memory cards for Sony A6500.

Recommended Memory Cards for Sony A6500

Best Memory Cards for Sony A6500

Best memory cards for Sony A6500

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The Sony A6500 does not gain any speed benefits from using a UHS-II memory card. If you still want a recommendation, we recommend the following model without hesitation.

These are the top  memory cards for Sony A6500. These cards are affordable and excellent for RAW shooting and videos. Hope you find it useful.