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Nikon Registered “N1514” Model (Signs of a High-End Mirrorless Camera?)

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Nikon has registered a new digital camera model at the Indonesian communications agency under the name of “N1514“.

Even there is not enough information about this camera, this kind of registrations also means that the company will unveil the product usually in 1 or 2 months period.

When considering the time left to the beginning of Photokina 2016 event, this product could hit the biggest digital imaging show. More buzz after the break!

Nikon high-end mirrorless camera on the horizon


Nikon mirrorless camera concept

Nikon registered a new camera at the agency of Indonesia communications. The new camera has the code name of “N1514“. Registering a new camera to these agencies are for wireless certifications. So we can only guess that the upcoming model will have built-in wireless connectivity.


If we want to speculate about this camera than we have to look what to expect from Nikon prior to Photokina event in September. A new Nikon mirrorless camera makes sense but will it be a high-end model?

Previous rumors were mentioned the Nikon Full Frame mirrorless camera which is in development. The mirrorless body is also said to be in the similar size as the OM-D E-M1 shooter.

Remember the Nikon D500 announcement in early 2016. Nikon is keeping new cameras under very close supervision and in secret till it gets officialy announced. The only specification we can make for now is that the new camera will have a “large sensor”.

It could be a F-mount mirrorless model but at the moment no confirmed rumors floating around. Anyway stay tuned with us for more information as we are approaching the Photokina.