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Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Rumored to be Coming at CP+ 2016

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Canon full frame mirrorless camera is once again on the horizon as it is said to be announced at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2016 in late February along with the 1D X Mark II full-frame DSLR.

A full-frame mirrorless camera is rumored since at least two years but according to latest Canon Rumors, the Company will “surprise a lot of people” with one of their next mirrorless cameras.

The source didn’t told if the mirrorless camera will feature full-frame or APS-c sized image sensor. More details after the break!

Canon to Announce New Full Frame Mirrorless Camera at CP+ 2016?


The official announcement for the EOS-1D X Mark II is rumored to be announced in February/March timeframe to compete the rival Nikon D5 camera.

The rumor mill is also in talks of the EOS M line could get an announcement for CP+ 2016 show. But to surprise people this new mirrorless camera from Canon should be a pro-level grade model or a long-rumored full-frame mirrorless camera.

Previously mentioned Canon full frame mirrorless camera was rumored for Photokina 2016 along with the 6D Mark II DSLR model.

If there will be no full frame model by the late February and only a EOS M line update happens than we can expect a new pro mirrorless camera from Canon with APS-c size image sensor. Here are the previous suggestions for the upcoming Pro-Level Canon mirrorless camera.

Canon Pro Level Mirrorless Camera

  • Expanding the EF-M system
  • First ConnectedCamera device
  • New technology sensor (APS-C)
  • Built in EEVF viewfinder
  • Pro level AF performance
  • Best in class video capability
  • Pro build quality with enhanced ergonomics
  • Wider support for the EF lens family

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