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Sony Patent For a New Dual-layer Sensor with PDAF

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Sony has filed a patent for a new dual-layer image sensor in Japan.

The patent describes a two-layer sensor architecture where the top layer is made up of regular pixels with a standard RGB colour filter array, and the second consists of monochromatic pixels suitable for phase-detect auto focus (PDAF) operation. This also means the phase detection will cover the full sensor area.

If this patent becomes in mass production one day in a camera or smartphone, this sensor could enable users to pick their focus point with pixel-level accuracy.

Sony Dual-layer Sensor with PDAF Patent

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See the patent details below:

Patent Publication No. 2015-128131

  • Published 2015.7.9
  • Filing date 2013.11.27

Sony patents

  • Two or more layers of the multi-layered sensor
  • The first layer is color sensor
  • The second layer is monochrome sensor
  • Phase difference detection pixels

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