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Panasonic GX8 and FZ300 To Be Announced Soon

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Panasonic is rumored to hold a major product launch event by the end of this week. The company is expected to unveil a couple of new products, including the rumored FZ300 superzoom and the GX8 mirrorless camera.

According to latest Panasonic rumors, the upcoming Lumix GX8 mirrorless shooter with Micro Four Thirds sensor will certainly feature 4K video recording capabilities and design of the camera will be very close to the current fixed lens LX100 camera.

The company might unveil the FZ300 bridge camera and the rumored 150mm f/2.8 telephoto prime lens too. Official announcement is scheduled to take place by the end of next week, most likely on July 15 or 16.

Panasonic GX8, FZ300, and 150mm f/2.8 Coming This Week


Panasonic already registered the Lumix GX8, and the superzoom bridge camera Lumix FZ300 means that all these products will definitely come packed with built-in WiFi.

Even less is known for the Lumix GX8, the rumor mill already shared some information about the FZ300 or the FZ1000 MKII. The bridge camera is said to feature Sony 4/3 sensor and a 24-400mm Leica lens as well as 4K video recording capability. The price will be around $1499 USD. The superzoom digital camera is a definite Sony RX10 competitor. See more details here.

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