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Ricoh Updates Pentax Lens Roadmaps

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Ricoh has unveiled updated versions of its Pentax lens 2015 roadmap for K-mount, Q-mount and 645 medium-format cameras.

At the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2015, Ricoh confirmed that four new K-mount lenses, two new 645-mount lenses, and one Q-mount lens will become available in the future.

For K-mount cameras, the company is planning to release a DA wide zoom, a D-FA large-diameter standard zoom, another D-FA standard zoom and a D-FA large-diameter wide zoom this year (or later).

Updated Pentax lens 2015 roadmap for K-mount cameras unveiled at CP+ 2015


According to its K-mount roadmap, Ricoh is planning to release:

  • DA Wide zoom 10-30mm
  • D FA Large diameter wide zoom 15-30mm
  • D FA Large diameter standard zoom 25-70mm
  • D FA Standard zoom 28-110mm



The Pentax 645 Mount lineup is set to get two new lenses, a Standard Zoom 45-85mm and a Tele Zoom 92-180mm. Both of these were previously listed on the company’s September 2014 645 Mount roadmap. Also rolling over from late last year is a Q-mount telephoto macro 80-110mm lens.